Built Up Channel Letters

Logo Built Up Front Illuminated Letter With Coloured Acrylic Face

Front lit channel letters can be mixed with cut foam letters to give the impact of high end signage with a lower entry cost. In this picture the illuminated logo was mixed with non lit flat letters on locators.


Built Up Channel Letters Front Lit


Prismatic And Flat Face Stainless

We can manufacture stainless letters with a polished or brushed surface. Budget allowing coloured stainless steel sheeting and 3D prismatic letters can be achieved without surface staining with modern low output tig welding.

Harvey Norman Built Up Letters


Stainless Steel Built Up Channel Letter With Halo Effect

We can manufacture stainless channel letters with strong LED illumination.

The set beside has a halo effect with a back plate of 10mm with satin cut edges protruding to highlight LED exit from the rear.

A warm white glow was achieved by using colour 3000k (Warm White) as a contrast to ambient light in its office area fitting.

McGettigans Front Lit Channel Letter

Oodles Built Up Channel Letters

Rimless Front Lit Built Up Channel Letter

Stainless Steel Built Ups


Stainless Steel Built Ups Halo Lit


Universal House

Small height stainless letters with 10mm return flush with edge of stainless.

Tesco Athlone Channel Letter