10mm Acrylic Lightbox

Front Lit Light Box On Caster Wheels

Custom Shaped Lightbox

Custom shaped light box and slim trough light.

FBD Single Sided Light Box

P&G Folded Panel With Push Through Acrylic Letters

Folded aluminium tray with 10mm acrylic push throughs letters with white translucent vinyl face cover to allow illumination through the face and halo effect through the edges. Sign folded over back tray which accommodating LED modules to create illumination.

Single Sided Lightbox

Front loaded light box that can also be used for duratrans and poster display. Its unique screw-free fitting allows this box to be recessed if required. Rounded corners allow it to be used in high traffic areas safely.

Curved Light Box For Airport

Uber Folded And Lit Panel

Folded colour coated aluminium tray  with push through 10mm acrylic letters and halo lit.

Folded 3 Sided Light Box

Suitable for ceiling mount, suitable for shallow height boxes with maximum visual area due fo frameless finish. Available up to 3 meters in length.

Curved Menucase

Custom Shape Light Box

Hex Shaped Light Box

Hexagonal Double Sided Light Box

Bespoke double sided edge lit hexagonal light box.

Double Sided Light Box

Round Light Box

Fret Cut Round Light Box

McGettigans Rounded Light Box Lit

Double Sided And Single Sided Box Profile

Double Sided Built Up Light Box

Double Sided Painted Light Box

Single Sided Light Box (Pre LEDs)