CNC Router Cutting

CNC Router Cutting

We offer a full CNC router service covering ;- Aluminium, Acrylics, Woods and PVC based products.

Prismatic effect on thinner plastic parts can be achieved with material due to our large inventory of cutting bits.

Foam PVC in stock in 5mm, 10mm, 19mm and new 40mm.


CNC Router Cutting

Advanced nesting facility lets us gain high yields in turn reducing your cost on multiple cut items.

Our 3m x 2m router with a 500mm gantry height lets us router finished products and cut very thick material. the modern hybrid servo drives lead to a uniform cut on curves.

Secondary processes such as button fixing, bracing, painting and anodizing, polishing, bar coding and laser cutting can be catered for.

40mm Painted Foam With Vinyl

40mm Foam

Fire retardant and self-extinguishing.
Tough, rigid with the high impact strength.