Flex face Lightboxes

New Flex Face Type 2 (How It Works)

175mm depth side loaded Flex Face

Flex Face Type 2 Guide (Part 1)

Banner is based on a 3m x 2m Flex Face.            Cut fabric 12cm longer than the box on both sides. Then mark a line all around 5cm from the edge of the fabric.

Flex Face Type 2 Guide (Part 2)

Place double sided tape on the outer edge of the marked line.

Flex Face Type 2 Guide (Part 3)

Place the M6 threaded rod on the outer edge of the double sided tape. Remove skin on double sided tape and flip fabric over rod and fix with double sided tape.

Flex Face Type 2 Guide (Part 4)

Slide the profile through the fabric. (Placing drops of oil in tight spots). Make sure profile is burr free. Close ends of profile.

Flex Face Type 1 (How It Works)

Flex Face signs are an economical and flexible sign solution for customers who need a large sign, ideal for large display ads on factories, retail parks, distribution warehouses, shop fronts, airports as well as in high street installations throughout the world.

Combined with exceptional LED illumination, we can create bespoke signs from scratch. Non-Illuminated and canopy lit signs can also be catered for.

Flex Face (Type 1)

Flex Face signage systems are predominantly for outdoor use, but of course, can be used internally too. This 150mm depth, front loaded box is completely outdoor and weather resistant.

The digitally printed PVC graphics can be changed/reused on a regular basis for seasonal promotions, or retained for a long term presence.

Flex Face signs and sign boxes are available in a number of different profiles and sizes including single and double sided options.

Large Circle Lit Flex Face (Type 1)

The versatile aluminium extrusion can be wrapped around the shape of the building, or can easily be crafted into irregular shapes at any size. The aluminium frame can be sprayed to the RAL of your choice.

Lit Flex Face

Single Sided Smaller Flex Face (Type 1)

Custom Flex Face

Rounded And Lit Flex Face

All our illuminated Flex Face signs are supplied with  energy saving, environmentally friendly Samsung or Phillips LED chain lighting fitted as standard. Samsung/Phillips LED’s are an industry leading product and are available in Cool White 6000k and Warm White 3000k, other colours can be catered for if required.

We also stock a range of transformers.

Lit Flex Face Section