Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting/Engraving Services

We offer high precision laser cutting and engraving services on a range of different materials. We cater for very small, one off pieces to long-run production and finishing services. Laser cutting leaves an edge with a high-quality surface finish. We can cut acrylics up to 25mm with excellent clear edge on clear acrylics. For 25mm+ we can CNC cut and flame polish for excellent results.

Acrylic Plaque With Push-through Letters

Acrylic plaques are supplied as standard with anodised aluminium locators. We also stock a range of other standoffs such as brass, stainless, chrome, silver and of course we can powder coat to any RAL if need be. We supply larger standoffs for larger jobs that require more mounting strength. These plaques are effective for reception area signs, entrance signs, interior way-finding signs and office information directories.

3mm Black Acrylic

Our 1320 x 900 laser bed allows us to cut large letters with a superb finish.

3mm Blue Acrylic

No excess heat produced during cutting so the internal properties of the materials does not change

No oxidation of the cut edge thus eliminating re work of edges

Minimises sheet waste through our nesting process – again reducing costs to our customers.

Acrylic and 40mm foam crest

Gold, white and clear acrylic combined with powder coated 40mm foam.

Laser Cut Detailed Parts

Laser cut 3mm opal acrylic for use as parts for a machine. Our laser allows us to cut very small designs without compromising quality.

10mm White Acrylic

White Acrylic Push Through Letters

10mm Clear Acrylic Push Through 3mm Black

5mm Red Acrylic

Laser Cut Chess Board