Wall Mounted Light Box

LED lit light box with vinyl graphics mounted on two strong steel mounting plates.

Light box (Mounting Plates Detail)

Built Up Oval Lightbox With Back Lit Acrylic Push Throughs

Double Sided Light Box

This solid double-sided waterproof  illuminated lightbox is ideal for outside use, but can also be used indoors. The sign is bright and can be seen from both directions of your business and is made from a strong and durable frame, stainless steel mounting bracket,  two acrylic display panels and exceptional LEDsIt is also bright and cost-effective and easily mounted onto the wall.  It is much more energy-efficient, using up to 90% less energy than the old fluorescent tube sign.

Hex Shaped Light Box

Lightboxes are available in standard square, rectangular or circular formats or to customised and intricate shapes and sizes to suit any logo and application.

Lightboxes can be powder coated to customers RAL, to suit graphics.

Ideal for shop fronts, takeaways, cafe’s, pubs, beauty salons, restaurants, pharmacy’s, exhibition displays, or retail locations.

Hexagonal Double Sided Light Box

Bespoke double sided edge lit hexagonal light box.

Info Lightbox

Rimless Light Box

10mm Acrylic Lightbox

Designed from 10mm white opal acrylic, each box has high brightness white LED’s inside, giving perfect even illumination throughout and good strength. Mount with heavy steel plate cleverly designed to only cover two sides of the box.

Single Sided Lit Light Box

Front Lit Light Box On Caster Wheels

Front lit light box painted to customers RAL and mounted on caster wheels for use in a gym!

Custom Shaped Lightbox

Custom shaped light box and slim trough light.

Single Sided Light Box

P&G Folded Panel With Push Through Acrylic Letters

Folded aluminium tray with 10mm acrylic push through letters with white translucent vinyl face cover to allow illumination through the face and halo effect through the edges. Sign folded over back tray which accommodate LED modules to create illumination.

Single Sided Lightbox

Front loaded light box that can also be used for duratrans and poster display. Its unique screw-free fitting allows this box to be recessed if required. Rounded corners allow it to be used in high traffic areas safely.

Curved Light Box For Airport

Folded 3 Sided Light Box

Suitable for ceiling mount, suitable for shallow height boxes with maximum visual area due to frame-less finish. Available up to 3 meters in length.

Curved Menucase

You can often see this in action at your local café or restaurant as the menu case can easily and effectively display menu items. Menu cases will often be placed above serving counters, or in a central location that is in the customer’s eye line as soon as they enter. This encourages customers to choose and order, as well as making all the items on offer clear, concise, and easy to see. This in turn, translates into more sales, a smoother overall running process, and ultimately, a more successful business.

Custom Shape Light Box

We offer custom shaped and coloured light boxes by request. Please send us an email with your questions or give us a call and we would be more than happy to help.

Round Light Box

Fret Cut Round Light Box

Fret cutting allows us to shape the aluminium profile into your desired design.

Double Sided And Single Sided Box Profile

Double Sided Built Up Light Box

Double Sided Painted Light Box

Single Sided Light Box (Pre LEDs)