Trough Lights And Strip Lights

Euro Spar Trough Lights

Our high quality mains voltage LED trough light offers superb reliability and offers effective large area lighting for signage and general walk way areas. Continuous lengths of up to 30m in AC or up to 50m in DC from mains voltage due to the higher voltage and lower amp consumption, without drop in output. Our premium quality trough systems provide years of consistent, reliable performance.

Standard colours: black and silver anodised, RAL and PANTONE can be catered for.

Brackets: 6064 T4 aluminium. Custom made for each customer.

Body: Aluminium 6064 T6 extrusion.

End-Caps: Vacuum formed ABS. Strong and durable.

Output: 1900 Lumens or 3600 Lumens per metre. Voltage: mains 230V AC or DC.

LED Format: 560 or 1120 LEDS per metre. Consumption: 20 or 40Watts per metre.

Illumination Distance: 20Watts to 3 meters depth or 40Watts to 4meters.

IP Rating: Enclosure IP64, LEDs IP68. Life Expectancy: 8 Years.

Uplighting / Wall Washing Unit 

Stand out from the crowd with our uplighting unit. Available in multiple colours. 

Continuous Trough Light

Hoarding Lit With Trough Light

Trough Light (Endcap and Grommet Detail)

Warm White Trough Light

We also offer a warm white (3000K) option which can achieve excellent results in the right environment.

Warm white (3000K) Trough Light